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Each company's bubble size is proportional to their multiple of Enterprise Value / Annualized Quarter-End Revenue.
Y-axis is most recent reported quarter-end EBITDA margin as of above date.
X-axis is most recent reported quarter-end revenue as of above date versus prior year comparative quarter.
"Quadrants" are defined based on (1) meeting Rule of 40 and (2) having revenue growth > 30%.
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The Rule of 40 Index helps companies balance their growth versus profitability, by allowing them to compare themselves against similar companies in their industry.

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What is the Rule of 40?

The Rule of 40 is a popular “back of the envelope” calculation used to assess the value of public SaaS companies based on the trade-off between growth and profitability.

Companies will meet the Rule of 40 if year-over-year revenue growth rate plus profitability margin equals 40%.

How is the Rule of 40 used?

Data on public companies suggests that the greater the sum of a company’s growth plus profitability, the greater the revenue multiple assigned to that business.

This implies that the answer to growth or profitability is not one or the other but rather the impact of one on the other.

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